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How does it work? was made to help you enjoy the game. We all love the skins! Get access to the top offers available. On top of the stuff that you can unlock are cosmetic upgrades such as:

  • Outfits (or skins). Improve overall look of your character in game. Your friends can see them too! There are many of outfits available. Some of them are limited and rotate every day in the in-game shop. You can get Epic & Legendary Skins!
  • Emotes: Do you like dancing? Then it's something for you. Your online character will start the moves after you've knocked out an opponent.
  • Harvesting Tool: They look much better than default ones. Of course it does not have any effect on your harvesting ability. But they may look lit!
  • Gliders: Also no advantages on the players but it looks amazing to have custom glider.

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